Realistic SSM-2100 Audio Mixer in DOOLANDELLA, Queensland for sale

Realistic SSM-2100 Audio Mixer
Realistic SSM-2100 Audio Mixer
Realistic SSM-2100 Audio Mixer
Realistic SSM-2100 Audio Mixer

The SSM-2100 Audio Mixer with Echo is a sophisticated control
centre for recording from multiple playback sources such as a CD player,
tuner, turntable, or VCR, or from live performances. A seven band
equalizer and an echo generator are incorporated into the mixer so you can
tailor the sound to compensate for environmental conditions or adjust for
personal preference. The mixer's many features give you almost limitless
sound combinations.
Its features include:
7-Band Frequency Equalizer - Allows you to tailor the sound output to your
Four PHONO Inputs - For using turntables with magnetic cartridges.
Stereo Line Inputs - Lets you connect most high level audio sources, such
as a tape deck, tuner, or VCR.
Low-Noise Rec-Out Jack - For high quality tape recording.
Side Controls - For fingertip control of sound mixing and fading
Monitor Controls - Lets you hear and check line using headphones before
Talk over Switch - Lets you talk over music or talk without interrupting the
music or being heard through the mixer, to give a "DJ's"
Fader Control - Lets you play multiple sources and quickly and smoothly
Switch between CH 1 and CH 2 and between CH 3 and CH 4.
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